Modern Pharm LTD was established on February 6, 2003. The main goal of our company is to import high-quality medicines and food supplements to our country in cooperation with European pharmaceutical manufacturers. Thanks to the professional management and staff, our company has made a name for itself in the pharmaceutical sector of Azerbaijan in a short period of time with real European quality. In order for all the products included in our portfolio to be accessible to the entire population of our country, they are sold not only in Baku (the capital), but in all regions of Azerbaijan. Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, we always maintain our price and quality difference.

Today Modern Pharm LLC closely cooperates with giant manufacturers such as Remedica (Cyprus-Europe), Pharmathen (Greece), Anfarm Hellas (Greece), Chemo (Spain), Tilman (Belgium), Sunlife (Germany), Apipharma (Croatia), 21 Century (USA), Delorbis (Cyprus), DFL (Brazil) and etc. and it continues to establish new collaborations.




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     Azerbaijan, Baku
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